Art direction and creative concept, Cinematography, Color grade and VFX for "Material Tales", 2020​​​​​​​
"There are deep roots to materials and magic, and how cultures have used them for strength and to get through  life. Fur, feathers and bone have given courage and speed. Stones and minerals lent magicalpowers. Metals have yielded wealth and influence. Earth and plant pigments have been utilised to drawsymbols on skin and clothing. The materials have also been employed to create magical costumes andaccessories: invisibility cloaks, enchanted shoes and medallions with special powers."

In the collections, the fashion students at Beckmans have worked on creating fashion magic from their own materials. My work, was to develop art direction and a creative concept for their collections. We settled on the name "Material Tales" as a nod to old legends and stories. In a black void, the materials take center stage, while this black mirror world prompts supernatural thoughts. The magical glow we see in the pictures is a reference to the aesthetics often found in 80s fantasy films, but the typography follows the trends of 2020.